Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pinterest, A Simple Place to Save Your Idea and Interests

Pinterest home created by your own interests.

Do you need a site where you are able to share almost everything? We have facebook. You're tired of having too much unnecessary posts on facebook? Migrate to twitter. Do you need something like facebook but something more private? Path is the answer. You need a social media only to share your photos? Go install instagram.

But is there any social media which posses ability to categorize what we have liked into a folder? Do you need a social media that save links you're going to read later? Or do you demand a place you can use as an inspiration source? The answer of these three questions is

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Photo Editor, An ultimately powerful android photo editor I ever have

When it comes to the social media, I always think that it's all about expression. Everybody shares all of their thoughts online and can be seen by others regardless time and place. I like when looking at some of my high school friends sharing their new born baby. Believe me, I like looking at their innocent eyes. Lovely. But when it comes to the over expose, I'm

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