Monday, 15 August 2016

Smule Sing Karaoke, Instant Karaoke Studio In Your Hand

Let the voice begin...

We have been enough watching so many good song cover videos on YouTube. All those new singers making their own version of their favorite songs with their own arransement. A couple years later they have their own album and enjoying being famous as singer. While here we are feeling so inspired but know nothing to get on board. We need to let the hidden tallent inside out. Otherwise, we are going to explode.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Birthday Recap: White Chocolate, Green Tea Biscuit, and Pokemon Go


Yep, I had birthday 2 days ago, 7 August. What a not-really-my-thing as it-never-been-my-thing it was though someone made it special last year. I know deeply that people get excited when their birthdays are around the corner. Having a day spent with family and close friends, and even inviting the whole bunch of relatives, partners, friends into the house. Could you imagine that?

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