Monday, 15 August 2016

Smule Sing Karaoke, Instant Karaoke Studio In Your Hand

Let the voice begin...

We have been enough watching so many good song cover videos on YouTube. All those new singers making their own version of their favorite songs with their own arransement. A couple years later they have their own album and enjoying being famous as singer. While here we are feeling so inspired but know nothing to get on board. We need to let the hidden tallent inside out. Otherwise, we are going to explode.


Calm down, bathroom singer. We have Smule Sing Karaoke providing us with such a well-developed system. Yes, it is our time to shine. Everybody can sing now.

Smule Sing Karaoke at a glance...

Founded by Ge Wang in 2008, Smule has been such a music application with so much user from all around the world. Providing the users with lyrics it's easier to sing when you can not remember those difficult sentence. It is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire. You know where to go.


Smule comes in a green turqoise color theme which is so comfortable with our eyes. There are Feed tab where we can find what users we follow are up to. Yes, it's true that this application is also has social media based. We are able to search other user and follow their account if we find that they are good singer or at lest probably they are our friends.


Next to Feed tab, we have Listen tab which is a part of the application where we can listen to some hot collaboration karaoke done by others. Listen to them and get inspired if they sing well. If they are not, simply skip before you laugh out loud. Everybody has friend that they think they are good singer, like me, but we know the reality.


And In the middle we have Sing tab. This is where we perform to sing. Scroll to some recommended song, top hits, genres, or even Sing with the Artist if you are confident enough to do so. We all have been checking out smule video broadcasted on Youtube showing us some celebirity like Jessis J singing with smule users. Thrilling.


Go on to the right, we are on Notifications tab. This one divided into two parts: Activity and Invites. Activity tells us what happens to our account. Someone follows our account, someone like our karaoke performance, or maybe someone writes a comment on our performance. Literally, we can support each other here. Ah, such a supportive environment here we have. And the second part on the right is Invites. This part provides us information of some users or even some artists that want us taking part in their songs. This is what i call fun. Why? Why not?


And go on to the very right tab. It's profile tab. That is place you can manage your account. Checking and replaying performances you have done, Deleting some if you think you are not satisfied by, these both are on Channel tab. Then we have other tab such invites for making performance to be collaborated with others, Songs for song we have for sing to, and Favorites for some stuffs we sing as favorite.

A Cheap subscription...

Not all the songs are free. Some new songs labeled VIP are only can be sung by also VIP user. But the subscription is not that expensive. One month subscription only charge you with IDR 12.000 or simply pay IDR 95.000 for a year. Karaoke lovers find it so cheap. So, naive. I do not even subscribe but I will.

Calm down your *ss, free subscription lover. The free subscription provide us duet or join songs with other so we can still doing karaoke without paying any money. Ah, such a relived. Thanks, Smule.

What are you waiting for? Go to Appstore, iOS user; go to Playstore, Android users; go to; Kindle fire users.

Here are some karaoke I did so far. I know I'm not a good singer but I like singing. Use your headset for best audio. Simply turn it off once you find my voice is annoying.




  1. Omg kumaha ngomen na ge teu ngalalarti ahh dehhh

  2. Jadi Smule Sing Karaoke adalah aplikasi untuk karokean di hape ya kang... hehehe ini ragu2 soalnya kurang mengerti bahasa Wayne Rooney hehehehehe :D

    1. Apalagi saya, kurang begitu ngerti tapi pada intinya aplikasi yang layak dicoba.

  3. Ever saw people using it but I finally decided not to download it
    Since my phone capacity could not install it wkwkwk

  4. i have smmule account
    i never use it.
    i think my voice is weird.
    so, i go back to being me.


    1. Ah, let's just doing it for fun. Mine is also nothing. But it's fun.

  5. Smule emang aplikasi yang seru tapi sayang efek sampingnya jadi boros kuota :'D

  6. I have not this apk or account for smulle...

    Suka liat-liat vid yang lucu-lucu aja di timeline fb temen. Hejejehe


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