Monday, 10 April 2017

I have been being called a drug addict for being skinny

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Did this headline make you checking your body? Are you satisfied with your body? Are you a 'zero' or a 'one'? I am sorry for bringing up this topic to the surface. I have been always bugged by this issue since nowadays. Yep, body shaming. A world issue that can be found everyehere, everytime. It does not matter that you are kids, teenanger, adult, or even oldies. People are always available to judge you. 

In the earlier time of my young-adult age, I did not really care about this issue. My focus about being human was always related to something inside me. Ideas, values, and thoughts were dominating my head back at the time. I have no time for talking about people's look. Skin color, dyed hair, and body shape were not in my list. Never have I ever thought about that kind of things.

Am I a drug addict?

But things changed, I can never come back to that person. Two times or more I have been called a cracker for being skinny. Or sometimes being called an alcoholic.

"You must be using it now."

"Are you alcoholic now?"

"You're getting thin. Are you using drugs?"

Those are some sentences that I got from my friends when we have time to meet. No, not close friends. But casual friends that life put you in the same class in high school and nothing special happened after that. 

The answer for those questions is of course No. I do not use drugs and do not drink alcohol beverages. Not only because that it is prohibited according to my religion, but it is also not healthy. What really happens is just Anxiety. Hahaha. I am in the middle 20s and have some crisis with my life path that I will firgure out and I believe will result a nice ending. That is it.

from IG @uyo.yahya

I do not eat?

Do I eat? I eat like in a not specific portion. I have no control on how much portion I take everytime I eat. I will eat lighter when I am not feeling starving. I will eat heavy food when I am starving. Even sometimes when I hangout with my friends, especially girl friens, I will eat their unfinished meals.

But well I will eat very lighter when I am not in a good mood. Oh, I know. I know. Probably this is the reason I am getting thin, thin, and thinner. Mood swing holds such a huge role in my eating habit. When it is time for facing the life problem there are only two types of people: the one will eat much more and the one eat less. I am the second type. That makes every things make sense now.

Well, that's all I can clarify about my skinny body. All I can say is that when oversized people being called fat, this is what happened to the skinny ones, being called a cracker or alcoholic. Also, if you have natural skill to put yourself in other people's shoes, just watch your mouth or you will end up reading my blog post like this one. Hahaha.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

I am watcing you,


from IG @uyo.yahya


  1. Lol

    I'm a "one" who's now getting "zero" soon.
    I mean if I didn't work out a.s.a.p or having eightpack-building-classes in the gym.

    You don't look too skinny actually, just so-so.
    But maybe skinny people are rare at your age so that's why they call you addicter hahahahha

    Eat fastfood!
    It works!


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